It's summer and that means, time for Kalanchoe! A number of Kalanchoe species are known to change color in the sun. Ideal for the quiet summer season, the plant can take a little resistance and the varieties below are also suitable for outdoors.

Kalanchoe humilis
The purple color of the beautiful Kalanchoe humilis becomes even more intense when the sun shines on it. The Kalanchoe originates in warm countries in Southeast Africa and Asia and belongs to the succulents family. The strong leaves store water. The strong plant is available in pot sizes 5.5 and 12 cm.

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
The Kalanchoe thyrsiflora is also known as the desert rose. This name suggests that they can sustain a long time without water. The oval leaves are gray-green in color and has red leaf edges. The red color spreads further across the leaves by sunlight. Available in pot sizes 5.5 cm and 12 cm.

Kalanchoe humilis and thyrsiflora are both part of the Eden Collection. This collection consists of more than 60 different species in various pot sizes. The plants in the Eden Collection are compact, strong and unique. The distinctive label and distinctive varieties make the difference on the shelf.




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