A quick word about ceramics! Did you know that we offer a diverse range of ceramics? This way you can easily present a trendy end product to your customers. The only thing left to think about is a nice place to present it. Do you have your own ceramics that you would like to sell with our plants? Send your ceramics our way, and we'll process them right away with our plants. Get in touch via info@smitkwekerijen.nl for more information!

Happy egg
New in our assortment happy egg plant pot, featuring the Hydnophytum papuanum and Microsorum Crocodyllus. A perfect gift item with a trendy look. The face pots are available in 4 colors. The arrangement is processed in a mixed tray in pot size 7 cm.

  • Microsorum Crocodyllus, or Croco Loco is a plant with an attractive look. It is a fern species with strong, glossy leaves with a texture that resembles the skin of a crocodile. The leaves can grow very long, which looks extra funny as "locks" of facial pot's hair.
  • Hydnophytym papuanum is also known as the maze plant. It owes this to the corridor system in the thickened stem. In the tropics, tropical ants live and thrive in these, forming a beautiful maze. However, ants do not live in our plants; the corridors are empty and form a system.

Be sure to check out our new mixed 12 cm arrangements in bark pot or trendy basket.
The mix consists of 4 diverse green plants from our assortment. A good variety of color and appealing shapes are taken into account. The content of the tray may vary.

Mix & Match
We have created some great mixes of pot plant combinations ourselves. Whether you are looking for a vibrant combination, an elegance mix with graceful shapes or just a modern minimalist arrangement, we have something for every taste.
Put something together yourself? Of course you can! Every consumer has his or her unique taste and preference and you know better than anyone else what suits your customer perfectly. Would you like more information about our mixes or do you have questions about putting together your own pot plant combination? Our Frontoffice is ready to help and advice you.




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