About Plant World

Plant World originated from the combination of Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter, nursery JoGrow and Smit Kwekerijen. Read more about our company here. 

Plant World

Plant World is voortgekomen uit een krachtige combinatie van gerenommeerde bedrijven: Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter, JoGrow, Kwekerij Hoefnagels en Smit Kwekerijen. De huidige directie van Plant World bestaat uit Obed Smit, John Grootscholten, Melvin van der Zeijden, Marco Vermeulen, Kees Pingen en Peter Bijl. 

Our wide range of (sub)tropical plants and Mediterranean trees, many of which are protected by plant breeder's rights, sets us apart and enables us to provide our customers with an exceptional experience.

Smit Kwekerijen - kas

Mission of Plant World

Our mission is to bring unique plants to people's homes for greater well-being and enjoyment of living. We accomplish this with passion and love, leveraging our knowledge and expertise every day in the cultivation of our plants.

With nurseries located in Westland and Groningen, we serve customers across Europe and beyond. Sustainable relationships are of great importance to us, including those with our employees, suppliers, and customers. Additionally, we are open to collaborations in the field of growth and development of concepts

Our years of experience in cultivation and development allow us to introduce high-quality and unique indoor green plants to the market, regularly surprising our customers. Through our commitment to continuous improvement, we constantly strive to optimize our cultivation methods, making the process even better and more sustainable. At Plant World, you can rely on a trustworthy and quality partner for your green needs.

It's here to discover

Are you in search of high-quality plants that stand out for their strength and quality? Look no further than the extensive collection of Plant World. Our plants are of the highest quality and will undoubtedly meet your expectations.


The establishment of Plant World

2020 - The accession of Synergia
The start of Plant World
2021 - Van der Arend
Participation in Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter - March
2021 - Entry of JoGrow
Merger with JoGrow Inauguration of a new greenhouse at Papelaan (Monster) - September
Building Plant World
Inauguration of the new greenhouse at Bospolder (Honselersdijk) - April. Acquisition of Hoefnagels nursery - July.
2022- Continuing development of Plant World
Merger with Smit Kwekerijen - August. Inauguration of the new greenhouse at Bonnenlaan ('s Gravenzande) - November.
2023+ Optimalization
Focus on synergy benefits and integration. The market leader in (sub)tropical indoor plants and cold-hardy palms.


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