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Plant World is a modern potted plant nursery specialized in the cultivation of unique, strong, and trendy varieties. We strive to bring nature from all parts of the world into our living spaces.

Our varieties also in your nursery?

Our nurseries are located in Westland and Groningen, from where we serve customers both domestically and internationally. We value sustainable relationships with our employees, suppliers, and customers. We are committed and enjoy collaborating on growth, sustainability, and concept development.

An example of sustainability and concept development is our Young Plants The program we have been actively engaged in for several years involves supplying young cuttings and plugs (including those from our Eden Collection) to domestic and international growers. These growers cultivate our plugs and cuttings to grow them into mature plants. Growers such as J & P ten Have, Forever Plant Group, Lundager, Gartenbau Klein, and Fertiplant have already been successfully participating in this program for some time. We also collaborate with D.S. Cole Growers and Costa Farms, both based in the United States. 

Your benefits

What are the benefits of partnering with Plant World?

  1. We believe in the local-for-local concept, where local parties grow plants for their customers instead of importing them. This is beneficial for the environment and the local economy. Furthermore, sustainability is increasingly valued in the consumer landscape. 
  2. Through a partnership, we can bring more differentiation to the market, for example, by offering PBR (Plant Breeders' Rights) varieties and introducing new pot sizes.
  3. We can connect you with our customers or jointly serve new customers to better meet their needs with locally grown varieties.
  4. We can provide support in the form of marketing materials and cultivation knowledge to assist you.
  5. You are partnering with a stable partner with over 35 years of experience in successful cultivation of green indoor plants. 


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